Luis Minati & R. Tennyson

Unfamiliar places


Hook: Have you ever traveled to unfamiliar places far away from home....

(Verse one Luis Minati )
My level
Unsure and unsettled
But now resolved
Too many puzzle pieces were involved and
Numbers to call
Forgetting all?
Forgiving naw
Won't even take the time to get involved
Coping with no feelings I'm not feeling this withdrawal
Withdrawing in my inner sanctum with cracked walls
I wrap trees up to cover scars sightseeing now I set my voyage for the Stars
Mason jars and Garcia Vega's I'm taking off the sound of a siren had me beckoning her call
She seemed a bit off then her Halo lit the dark
She said take my hand but I could never have her heart
We could see her universe but don't know where to start
Closer with disclosures now I'm enclosed in awe
No words left our lips, as if I only hear her thoughts
Whispers in my mind then our conversation starts


(Verse two R. Tennyson)

Open shells and Bottles scattered across the table
One in rotation
Me and Medusa facing these blunts
She got me hard from her looks
But I was stoned already
This cannabis
Makes me open a can of tricks for your mind
To Force my will on you like I'm Yoda
To get you to come closer
I'm loving your aroma Ms. Flower bomb
But promise your thorns will never prick me
And your sugar never empties
But you won't ever catch me at your neighbors
I know tricks Come in a box and they for kids
I was checkin if your listenin
Cuz the kush that we smokin
Tends to make you see dimensions when you zone out from taking a hit
It's like a fix, when broken things come together just to make the perfect whole
Like our two halves of a spirit can make a perfect soul
To one day hold control
Of this sinfulness nature we seem to thrive in
When alone in the system
Thinking while I'm driftin
Have I ever traveled
To unfamiliar places
Far away from home?

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