Stain, Stain
Stain Stain Stain Stainy Stain
Dang, ain't talking Johnny
God dang, Shyeah, yeah

I just hit a stain mane been in my lane you sweet like the cane
The sugar go bang it pop like a pimple little bitch feel my pain, uh
Stain stain, just hit a stain been in my lane you sweet like the cane
The sugar go bang it pop like a pimple little bitch feel my pain, uh

Cash flow money making all night and day
Rob him for his change man I make this world a change, yeah
We in different libraries brother not the same page, no no no no
Never felt regret cuz I was meant to melt the pain, ok
Only hit stains on these mark ass bitches, bitches
Had to grip the grain cuz they keep lane switching, they switching
Fuck you and your main I got daughters in my wishlist
Aiming for his brain keep his fucking tongue twisting, tuh tuh tuh

Stop it, stop it, ran off with the sloppy, the sloppy toppy ya
Cock it, cock it, no reloads I'm cocky, I'm cocky as fuck
Chalky, chalky, taste them corner store Takis, I cop a taste of them
Wallah, Allah, subhannahallah and wallahi

I just need consensual status shorty just let me
Please understand I'm a Margiela man don't rock no Giuseppe
And it's fuck Amiri clearly I rock denim that's impressive, oh yeah
Spent money I'm stressing yet my dresser's the freshest, the fucking freshest

You ain't getting no bread partner they gon' cut the lights out, fuck
Clothes shopping with your baby mamma ain't a night out, pussy ass boy
Yeah bitch, you the definition of a bite out, bitch
Stealing swag ain't your mamma teach you to be nice now, fuck fuck fuck fuck

Mags, Mags, Mags
Motherfucking magazine yeah
Soulja Cartier, Soulja fucking Cartier
Sunmagazine, Sun fucking magazine
The first, the one, the one the one the one
And only, and most definitely, aye

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