Conway the Machine

Show U How to Do Dis


[Intro: Benny]
I got ya
Catch up, niggas
I’ma take it home
I had to say that, man
Y’all ready to go home
Trap-A-Holics, nigga

[Verse 1: Benny]
You killing ‘em, Benny, how you gave ‘em that?
I swear after one hit, I’ma fade to black
Nigga, I’m the Mayor, I could raise the tax
Spend it on Now-and-Laters, Powerade and gats, cheah
Check your mic or feds indict ya
Get knocked out of state, they gon’ expedite ya, nigga
No baby mom or ex to write ya
Just Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips, sets and lifers, uh
Benny Mane, front row seats at the Philly game
Just saw Allen in Manhattan, anyway
Donovan McNabb, I’m the damn captain, any game
Try to get him down, but it can’t happen any day
I swear, I’ma kill him running if he fucking [?]
Jumping out that two-tone, picking up your youngest daughter
Her ass fat, but that’s that, man she fucking boring
It’s like fucking torture, I fuck her and cum before her
Ducking that plum Explorer
Dumping the gun out the roof to the song, you’ll be done before it touch the chorus
Nigga, I’m what the game been missing
Wake up, I don’t change clothes, I change my bitches
Your flow off beat, out of range, I missed it
New shades, blew frames, 2Chains, I’m gifted
Catch me with a breezy you ain’t seen with me before
Hand cocked, fat knot at the BET awards
But if you can’t wait that long
The Mayor’s back, straight crack on mixtapes I’m on

[Verse 2: Conway]
’05, my mixtapes have ‘em waving gats
I took niggas’ chains, they pay me for ‘em back
Spit it backwards, they wonder how I’m saying that
Even made Kayslay holler play it back
So it’s only right to [?] that [?]
Say my voice too deep and I sound like Lloyd
Shook niggas scared when they come around that [?]
Arrogant bastard, they hope I lay dead in the casket
They’re mad I’m in the Wraith backpedalling past them
They’re sweating me, gasping for air, yeah I’m just laughing
Better just ask if I’m that nice
Homie, I’m past nice, they say you’re only good as your last fight
I ran through the last nigga like a traffic light
Smashed his mic to a thousand pieces at the [?] twice
How could I not be the best, yeah I’m cocky and fresh
From my socks to the chain on top of my chest
Spit it hard ‘til my name on top
With Biggie, Pac, Jay, Nas and the rest, I promise I’m next
I’m the leader of a movement, keep my heater, I’ma use it
I’m the king and I refuse to be defeated, I ain’t losing
The city in a figure four, tap him out, pin him off
I’m clapping out, I ain’t backing out when it’s war
Now I told you we’re the leaders of the race
You done see how easy we blew Neezy out of space
Only reason he is safe ‘cause I knew if I touch the nigga
He will get the jakes, I could see the nigga fake
I ain’t really trying to dwell on him
If it was like that, I would’ve put a shell on him
Instead of letting bullets melt y’all skin
I’m at the mall, pointing at the wall, get me size 12 [?]

[Outro: Conway]
[?] baby
This shit is easy, man
It’s 123, ABCs and all that
Fucking punks
Shit is elementary, I told you
2Chains, Benny Mane
It’s your boy, Homicide Kannon
It’s a wrap for y’all niggas, man
Want you niggas to remember something
Street Entertainment
That’s what it is, nigga
Young Kutter, what up?
Westside Gunn, what up?
Machine Gun Black
SE Gang, bang bang, nigga
Buff City, nigga
Free my nigga, Pap Pap
Done talking to these niggas, [?]
It’s real talk
Fuck ass niggas, y’all got a lot of work to do, man
That’s why we’re laughing, man
We’re looking down on ya niggas
Y’all got a lot of work to do, baby

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