Our King has come an infant child, a wooden trough His throne
Dependent on His mother's love to see His body grow
His tiny fingers tightly curled, hands to heal the world
Emmanuel is with us now, God in flesh the living word

Mighty son of David
Holy Son of God
Feeble human baby
Come to give us hope

The shepherds kneel to worship Him, the shepherd of us all
The wisest kings are bowing to the wisest King to come
They gaze into His crystal eyes, shining like the sun
Crying from his blessed lungs, soon to cry, "It is done."

Mighty son of David
Holy Son of God
Feeble human baby
Come to give us hope

Our God has come to earth to die, a wooden cross His throne
We chose to kill our Christmas King His body laid in stone
But He won the keys of sin and Hell, defying death He rose
Our wretched blackened hearts now glisten white as snow

Mighty son of David
Holy Son of God
Feeble human baby
Blessed Christmas hope
We'll never be alone
The King is on His throne

*Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 2:1-21; John 1:1; Isaiah 1:18; Revelation 4:2

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About "Christmas King"

It was the Christmas season of 2016, and my wife and I were preparing to move overseas to join a church planting team in the Middle East. It was in that season that God inspired me to write this song. I felt like the Lord wanted me to write the age old Christmas story, but from a fresh perspective. We often read the story of Jesus’ birth as a stand alone event. It’s easy to forget that the baby Jesus in the manger is the same adult Jesus on the cross who was crucified for our sins. This song takes us from the manger, to the cross, and back again to remind us why Jesus was born in the first place.

It was also in my heart to create a poetic song that emphasized the depth of Christ’s incarnation. Jesus was both fully God and fully man! This is a mystery that our minds will never fully grasp, yet the beauty of it’s truth resounds in our hearts. The invisible God became visible. The all powerful became weak. God became a man so that we might know him and spend eternity with him forever! This is the beauty of Christmas at it’s core, the pure and simple gospel!

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