Muze Sikk

It’s Not Impossible


I Catapult em up up high
Im tough tough guy
With rough rider mentality
Just tryna get buh buh by
Imagine being out your Fucking mind

As my enemies eat dirt before my eyes
I wonder why
I wonder why

Boot in your throat bitch
Come and fiddle with the folds bitch
Cut a scissor with the boat bitch

On me on me on me

On me on me on me

I keep my feats on feeds

I keep my feats on feeds

Keep my bat light lit like uh


I don’t even like that style
I don’t even like this style
Mf you and your bile
Random mutt sense for the mile

Putt putt lil fucker
Tugging on a mug
Mugging moguls in a minute Imma trash this
Rate mass as the best on map bitch
Suckers lost clues sitting sleeping on a matress
Creep creeping on the masses
It’s all Sikk wit a little bit of drastic
I need time in alignment with past dids
Game tryna fuck she be flitting eyelashes
Who the fuck fitting in the chassis
So fast you can’t catch this
Produced my Sikk
This is me on my trap shit
King with the trap kits

That’s it
Pickle em all like vlasic
Every time I kill it off the top
Bewildered MFs with sauce
Imminent associative with the boss

This is procreation meets ovulation
Shitting on the game is my motivation
Stricken with the stains in the bones of basins

Metaphors for whatever you think
It’s like tryna tell an alcoholic what to drink
Game show hosts never thought to think
Blah blah blah get lost and jinxed

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