Ain’t no reason in being defensive, it’s all in the forensics
So you can’t get away from the truth and that’s the truth
Like what to do, cuz now you wanted for something and now they know that you fronting
I think you should just start running cuz it’s gon be a long night, it ain’t right
But it’s not wrong running from the light, the limelight
They don’t wanna fuck with you it’s okay I still fuck with you
I know you ain’t mean to do it but you wrong just for the coming up, um

What you doing, that Glock in yo van, slowly raising from your glove box in the palm of your hand
Oh shit, I ain’t with you, you losing me through the picture
He’s raising it to his head and his finger upon the trigger
He looking at me seriously saying he ain’t gon make it
I said move out the country and live a life you could fake if
Your family don’t know but it’s okay just living vacant
Don’t think of this as an escape think of it as vacation
Get to a place where they don’t see you as elude portrayal
He told me his soul couldn’t take all of the hate and betrayal
Finger squeezing trigger easing and his skin looking pale
I said don’t do it you’ll regret all of the things if you can
Fuck it I started to cry and told him it’s his last chance
I told him come with me brother he put the gun in his pants
Foolish of me I turned around and I ain’t think in advance
I didn't notice the way his body was up in a stance
He took it out and shot his head with the same gun he killed the man, damn

And that's just how it is, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Oh man I'm the under man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, damn
Yeah the under man
Mags, Mags, Mags

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