Kwaku Riverson

Riot Remix


[Intro: NLE Choppa]

Reporting live from Odessa, Texas, these motherfuckas crazy
They done shot 20 motherfucking people down the street
Ambulances everywhere, nigga done shot two police officers
They going ham, jelly, and peanut butter in this motherfucker

Aye, if I was you and you in Odessa, the show has been canceled
I advise you to stay in the mo-fucking house and grab your pistol, clench it tight, and get ready to lose your life

Please, please, I mean please, stop the violence
Please, stop the violence
I mean please, stop the violence

They done shot a Walmart, Best Buy, damn, they done even shot the other guy

Please stop it
Please stop
Please stop the violence

(Luke White on the beat)

[Verse 1: Kwaku Riverson]

Ever seen a nigga hung with no chains?
Always saying they need fame, then blame game?

Inside it’s really a nigga just lazy
Thinking sitting down gon' turn them into Jay-Z

Damn, look outside big man Jeff Bezos
Treat workers like shit, only pay a man some pesos

Corporations watching us eating as they snicker
Get killed at Popeyes, “there goes another nigga”

Malcolm had a point about going back to Africa
But shit, even to them, “Dat man just a slacka”

Get the kids in school, we can make them into hackers
But shit, these just words from a young nigga rapping

Maybe staying at home cultivated the dome
Got my words in order, no mind control

1984, a classic, y’all need to read
2019, people turning into sheep

Look, y’all got Annoying Orange in the White House
Dividing our people
Some want a sequel
Shit, he the one who said that Nazis “good people”
It’s our time to rise up
It’s our time to see who
Gon' clean up the big pool
Give money to poor instead of spending on oil
Get everyone rights, not taking more flights
Decision up to you
You see the proof
Go show up to vote and let us niggas choose


[Verse 2: Kwaku Riverson]


Ever seen a nigga hung with no chains?
But do we know about the problems that he face?

Rest in peace Jah, a young kid confused
Fucked up his past, legacy continue

Often the young genius misunderstood
Call him a weirdo for wearing a hood

One day at school “Hey, where that nigga at?”
It's a lowkey funeral, take off your hat

Stop that mean shit, it ain't even deep
They go back to home and take it to sleep

Hope it's just today that the rain go away
Storm don't dissipate, continue late

Same nigga get a chick that he think legit
Wavy black hair and damn, she kinda thick

She ask him what's wrong but then she wanna get mad
Sometimes he distant when he get real sad

Girl think he hate him, whole male gender trash
And y'all still wanna wonder why niggas don't text back


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