Jayce Neptune



(Verse 1)
Yeah, yeah, Exist
Sometimes I don't even wanna exist
Wish I could just find an easy exit
Need the door, the one that opens deathless
Don't think that I'm 'bout to blame exes (exes)
Heart cold, that is not they fault (yeah)
Yeah, dark mode, that is not they fault
I just need the time, let the clouds go and fall (yeah)
Learning all these lessons, man I really feel like Saul (yeah)
Solo for a while, women don't mean shit to me
I'm not gonna drown again, I just need the green
But I need 'em blue, (yeah)
Till my bank can't breath (yeah)
Little boy blue, but the dead his teeth
Acid in the waves, so the tombstone awaits
Devil want my soul, he gone have to shoot my fade
Yeah, I know it smell good, so the demons wanna taste (mm)
Future mansion gold, get these niggas out my face

(Verse 2)
Skip the blade, if anything, a pleasant death
Fuck the iron on the floor, never downing, fuck a med
Moving like an O.G., ain't no flowers from an O.D
Yeah, I know this life hard, but it's not like he ain't told me

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About "Existence"

This song is about how I feel about my existence in this world and things that I look forward to to numb and compensate the bitter sweet feeling of existence all while avoiding Satan and the common spiral down to drug use and pending suicide.

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