Short Cruz



I ain't fuck wit the bitch
‘cause she ain’t suck on my dick
So I kicked her out the house and I hung with the clique
I said to her dad yeah I fucked on yo' daughter
He got mad so I told him her pussy was water
Dude came at me so I smacked him then I slaughtered
I told him that wife of yours ain't real that’s why you bought her
Shit was so funny that I took his daughter again
I don't even remember her name prolly was Megan
That's why I got death threats from him he still is hating
He said he wants a problem so I showed him Satan
That's when I told him that that's where faith ends
I smoke wit the bros and we came at you, you froze
You said you was sorry, you just got exposed
I can't really deal with your bullshit you get on my nerves
I hit you with this bullet I really hope it hurts
I heard you're still talking shit that's so absurd
Please hop off my dick and ride someone else
‘fore I cut off your head and put it on my shelf
If my boys warnings ain’t enough then i’ll tell you myself
Put a gun to your head and you start crying
Stab you in your fuckin' neck and you start dying
When I confront your ass and you start denying
Don’t think that I'm stupid I know that you're lying

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This song samples Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback girl”, that’s the reason this song is called “HOLLABACK DADDY”