The First The One & Only


Yo this for all my um, all my people, this for my brothers, 10k you know, who supported me through everything
This for all the people who called me faggot when I dyed my hair purple
This for all the all the shorties all the girls I ain't, I ain't fuck with from like 8th grade, fuck it bruh
Suck my dick

Yeah yeah, um
I’m grateful for the lessons I learned
I got experience so fire come with the burns
Yeah yeah, unh, yeah yeah

Mags, Mags, Mags
Yeah, unh

Whenever I show my true colors people think that I’m tripping
Had to educate myself about things that came with winning
Reading Art of War and books that 2Pac read while imprisoned
Fuck your opinion I’m painting pictures on my incentives

I’ve been getting bitches ever since Zuko was Illplastic mane
I’ve been getting money since my boy Mitchell was Cypher Mane
Y’all never really really want to say what you’d like to say
Ever since I started asking these girls started liking me

But aye, I never thought I’d come this far in life with all the likes and plays up on my music
Blow Brains just hit 4,000 this shit confusing how the fuck I gain such a following
Oh wait, I was a leader never could follow shit, they always gonna hate but after take a deep swallowing
Regretting what you said is almost better than not of it
I wanted everything realized I couldn’t get all of it
Realizing that everybody around me is moderate

I used to rap cap in my early days to make it sound cool
But after second thought I understood this wasn’t the truth
I was recording off a 6 I still ain’t step in the booth
And in my 16 years of living never smoked on the boof

That don’t mean that I’m pussy bruh it’s called showing restraint
Some of y’all who smoking Juuls need to just quit it restrain
And I do things on my own so it’s no need to explain
That I love all the lucrative and maybe a little fame, Mags

Uh uh aye
A little fame never hurt nobody, aye
Uh, uh, uh uh, aye
A little fame never hurt nobody, aye
Yeah, aye
A little fame never hurt nobody, aye
Uh uh, aye, uh uh, aye
A little fame never hurt nobody, aye

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