Verse 1:

Black, bald-headed with the confidence of silhouettes before me Jordan Duncan on a Green Mile mass
I’ma rebel coursing
Never getting hung, up over dubs
Trust it’s a drug
Fighting addict with the height advantage
Getting lessons from above
Poppa never taught me of the man’s importance
Little did he know I would advance in courses
Land & orbit, find every chance resourceful
Stand the torrid, product of grand proportion
Glowing like it’s fresh-cut Friday
Talking slick on the phone to the wife-aye
Big nigga with the hustle & the mind state
Of a juggernaut in his prime killing kind-lay


Life & all its hard times used to shut me out/ had me out my mind & right beside myself/ couldn’t show who I was til I fought the downs/ not afraid of who i am/ now I’m feeling like


Spice Adams (Spice Adams)
Spice Adams (Spice Adams)
I'm feeling like Spice Adams

Verse 2:

Mental scraping for the penny paper saving
Limitations ima break em later bank em
Pick the pacing steady shaving patience
Shaping master piecing I'ma masterpiece in making
Loving every stage evolve
Cause my hearts involved and the pains appalled
Cause I love the brawl and I’m not ashamed
Of the scars, bear it all like it’s Mardi Gras
Impressing not even in the aim
Unless its God & He’s in the range
I was just raised to compete with myself, in a field of my own
Grow against the grain
In spirit or money in pockets, if value is proper
Then you bet I’m for the change
Confident in my own person
To serve em diversity, currently
Feeling like



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