Ogel Brick



[Verse 1: BenKoji]

(Takes time)
Hurt, yet still humble
Recently me and a friend went through a struggle
Me and this girl went on for a while
Until she got messed up in her head
So everything I had fumbled
The relationship is dead
Had big dreams to be who no one else could be
But this darn girl made those dreams not so easy to be seen
Not gonna' lie
Words can hurt (they can hurt)
Now I'm sitting here trying not to cry overwriting a verse
But I wish we could go back in time and escape this forsaken curse
There was an Anthony, Marlin, Tyler, and Darin
And the list goes on so I kept on sharin'
How much I loved you
Scared that when I'm not with you
You'd be messing with some other dudes not caring
I couldn't bear that over the course of seven months I never saw love
But your feelings were all above that stuff
I sometimes call myself a mourning dove
Cause you didn't approve of anything I asked or said
Instead, you'd rather be playing games
Enough was enough
I'd had it
I don't believe I was stressing you out
But I know when you said you loved me
You hesitated, and so I knew it was doubt
Everyday together of summer
You treated it as (flout)

[Verse 2: Ogel Brick]

I've been trapped within a prison
I was unable to escape
When I talked to my cellmate
She would blow up in my face
It took eight months but I freed myself
And I escaped that place
Ya, She tricked me into loving her with that cute face
Tears flew
Over me and you
Sometimes I said I was sorry, but I'm not
But that's ok
Cause' in your mind, I am always wrong
And even that time when I wrote you that song
One moment you were cringing, the next moment you were gone
When People die, you usually cry
But when we died, I felt so alive
I threw a celebration for thirty-three hours straight
In the middle of it, you hit me up and be like "listen mate"
You sent me pictures of tigers and fire
But I didn't care about any of them though
Cause' i caught you in a lie
Another one of your lies
I feel lie every time I hit you up it's another lie
Every single time
Everywhere I go, I am reminded of you
Every time I cry, I can still feel you
And now I just want to forget you but I can't
Caused so much pain, I can't get you out of my head
But now you are just a memory of the mistakes I made
And how I was blinded by something that wasn't bright
And it still haunts me all throughout the night
Like a figment of my imagination
(You were never really there)
(Words hurt)

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About "Knockback"

On twins day, both Ogel Brick and BenKoji lost their long going relationships. In a moment of emptiness, the two decided to come together to quickly write a track that tries to express their feelings towards their exes. It took them one day to write and record this song. When interviewed Ogel Brick stated, “Knockback was kinda like a therapy, like a coping mechanism for both Koji and I. It put both our minds into one thing (the song) compared to exposing ourselves to the other feelings we had from the experience.”

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