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Smile Through The Pain



I still smile through all that pain a nigga been through if you my brother then I got you ain’t no issue uhhh they fuck you over then they tell you that they miss you coolest nigga I was born in a igloo

This shit is in my soul imma take it across the globe. I’m not surprised is you every time I pick up my phone you said you didn’t need me but now is a different story call my phone hang up call me again let’s just be grown. Do not disturb when I’m in my zone I need space is crazy how we kill em every time and leave no trace is fucked up how I say thank you GOD but never pray on the road riches I just gotta get my life straight we only living once.. soo tell me why wait these niggas ain’t see it coming is just like a blind date keep my foot on the pedal I press the gas on em I spazz on em in the booth they jealous and I feel bad for em even when the tough times rough I don’t quit I’m so. Focused I know that I’m chosen my dreams. Too big. I seen. Too much shit. Coming where I’m from you could get robbed infront of kids I spit this shit for the hustlers broke niggas dreamchasers I’m on the highway to life just speed racing even tho we took alotta L’s this shit still amazing. I know my blessings coming and is mine for the taking uhh

I still smile through all that pain. . I swear to god this shit is beautiful. If you been through what I been through this ain’t new to you. I took some losses bounced back like a fuckin KING. Whooo..
Don’t let em knock you off ya hustle you was built to be a star fuck whoever don’t love you uhh
I still smile through all that pain quick to cut you off whenever ya vibe don’t feel the same Yeaa

Let that ride out. .

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