Short Cruz



[Intro: Short Cruz]
We done shot at that bitch
We ain’t fuck wit no snitch
I beat you, you needed a stitch
My ex left me she switched

[Verse 1: Short Cruz]
You lucky I ain’t pull that trigger
They look through the cameras all they see is a figure
They ask what I’m rocking, Hilfiger
You was talkin' shit so I might have to consider
Killing your ass then your body we litter
We getting so drunk of the muh’ fuckin' liquor
I've been smoking that weed wit the bros
After that we be taking your hoes
I've been running off with the pole
That money is what we stole
Gotta record but I still have some goals
I tell myself I have no goddamn soul
I ain't playing these games you better run off
Your ex bitch came up and she gave me some top
You thought you was hard but you really are not
So stop flexing your fake guns before you get dropped

[Interlude: Kid Cole]

[Verse 2: Kid Cole]
Fuck around, hit with my Glock
My dick was hiding in sock
No I am not talking bout cock
I just be talking bout clip
You spin around, take a hit
I do not fuck with you, bitch
Aye, stop
Talk about thing you or not
You run around on the block
Acting like you are a cop
Brushing my ass like it’s hot

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