Pat Junior

Summer Breeze


Verse 1:

I remember, I remember
I was younger and much tender
Was an elementary member, with a Benny Button mental
Always sharpening my pencil just to get up out my seat
Work was boring, steady Sora
Scoring like I had the key
That was me
Steady talking to my neighbors that was working
That was me
Told my teacher it was really for a purpose
That was me
Labeled trouble maker with some ADD
But it took a black instructor to see I was AIG
Got the placement but still felt out of place
Homeless thinker mind competing with my base
Running relays but I hardly saw my race
Skin complexion or the path was either way
End of year was a blessing yeah, yeah
Momma told me summer coming, so no stressing yeah, yeah
I just needed warmer winds on me
See real homies, heal only
No more feel lonely
Appeal phonies, Ja Bronis


I can feel myself flying
Growing pains, fire flames
No more crying
Always knew my heart was perfect
I don't really know the answers but it's worth it


Summer Breeze
Gimmie that Summer Breeze
Calling Summer Breeze
I need that Summer Breeze

A real good healing yeah yeah
A real good healing yeah yeah
A real good healing yeah

Verse 2:

I got shot from my own trenches
I got shot from my own trenches
I got **gun fire**
While fighting for my brother’s field position
I was bleeding but dismissed it
Cause mission wasn’t me
But the truth was hidden in the pistol when he leaded me
Watched some homies do some damage
To relationships for gassing
Pride was really high, attracted to the smoke & mirror lashing
Like my cousin
Got a lady loyal to core
Hope she dump him
For treating faithfulness like it’s a chore
Why I can’t I turn a
Blind eye
Fury shielding all my of people
Til I die
And I hardly ever notice bruises
On my mind
Heart be taking trips to others needing
On my time
Young lover, I was married in the summer yeah, yeah
Wifey said we need vacation for this number yeah, yeah
I just need a little sun now
A rub down, love bound
Til hug drown
Now cool down, cool down



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