Big Jim thinker man

Better bars


The wind flew pass hurry up chew your black eyed peas then scoot fast cause this is the end/
I'm down to my last like my battery is one percent/
Am i up next to play well I'm coming okay no delay I'm bigger and defer r than LL cool j hip hip hooray/
Your girl blew my lights out likes it's my birthday/
Some way some how you been hot for a long minute/
But your career is like a corny joke we just don't get it/
Time machine so I could reverse time and go back to Chang somethings/
Never realized how deep life is and time wasted as you get older looking back/
Think before you speak and act/
There must be fire and ice o your blood/
To put up with me all this time I know you are the one/
This is going to go on from here my way or you can go grab your pops out the bathroom on Friday/
Mold me to me mighty and greater I'm a go hard on the bars hotter than coal looking muscular like that strong Russian school boy arm wrestler Alex Toproll/
Look at me no I'm not Chris brown or Wayne but u can transform ya/
A male nun a mere product from converting from the 😈 s son/
Slam this bag of cashews so I can take it back to the beatnuts/
I'm thinking man waiting on my next move to make furtively/
No hurrying me insurance on me urgently into this passion for music curving the breeze/
Not a disrespectful cat when I choke her all her money stock in the hospital left her broker (er/

In a rough spot inside a tough knot I'm on my seat at a truck stop/
Just seer it then feel ya spirit get serious period end of sentence no extra debate good riddens/
Thank God and the kids for their forgiveness to the pearly gates I await my nearing admission/
You can hear it when you near it battle rap bars chubby they all Goodz but got their own sing like Allen Payne on Jason's Lyric...classic/
Pay close attention as I host this monumental Inquisition no jail to face keys to make I'm safe/
No vacation in my resort to violence and to extort my report is to abort any suspicious activity being conducted like your woman is on fire giving a bj ...blow torch/
Irony she is in Florida making a bear to it Scott Storch she clapping like a monkey with a tambourine on my porch/

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