The Shape of Water RAP MUSIC VIDEO


Yo Guillermo Del Toro Man *Sigh*
I noticed you didn't get nominated for best original song man!
And that's my bad man!
If I'd made this track and gotten it to you sooner man
You would have scooped up ALL the awards man!
Clean sweep!
That's my bad man
Anyways, give it a listen man
I hope you like it *Kiss*

*Kiss* *Kiss*
Yo come here lil fishies man
Time to get romantic up in this piece man
*Kiss* *Kiss*
Yo you in love with a fish? (uhuh)
Then I have a movie for you (what is it?)
Listen up
This goes out to my mute girls who love fish
Who wanna get real cozy with a sushi dish
Who like a dude with torso fins and sexy gills
Scaly skin mmm it's called sex appeal
Sally Hawkins said so much without a word (word)
Richard Jenkins man your art was so absurd (so absurd)
Michael Shannon fans in for a real treat
No surprise this time you played a real creep
Guillermo Del Toro oops you did it again (again)
I didn't think you could top Pan's labyrinth
But this the best movie that you ever made
And you crushed it in 02 with the second blade
Shoutout to all the merman lovin' human girls
Kevin Costner with the webbed feet in water world (world)
Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks made love in Splash
Rub a Dub fish man in the tub take no baths
Rich history of fish and humans lovin' each other
Hands holdin' on flippers lips kissin' on blubber
Can't think of a fish I'd rather have as my lover (lover)
Then the mermaid on the Starbucks coffee cup
When my heart melts
That's the shape of water (shape of water)
This movies heartfelt
It's called The Shape of Water (shape of water)
You love a trout
Like the shape of water
Well let me help you out
Go see shape of water (ow)
If you love a fish
Go see shape of Water (shape of water)
Give a whale a kiss
And then see shape of water (shape of water)
You married a shark
Then go see shape of water
A dolphin broke your heart
Well, that's the shape of water (ow)
Shape of water
That's the shape of water
Shape of water
Yo Guillermo man It's me Merman again man!
Hope you liked this song
Uh, If you could just Venmo me the reimbursement
For the cost of the production music video
That'd be great man!
I'll see you at the movies

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About "The Shape of Water RAP MUSIC VIDEO"

Aspiring rapper MeRmAN hitting you with his music video for Guillermo del Toro’s movie The Shape of Water.

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