You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
I always ask that of all my pray
I just like the sound of it

Switch with the blade
Chop em up aye
I might go rip off ya whole fuckin face
Fuh wit me you gon regret that shit aye
Went to heaven cuz I felt sadistic aye
I'm not human, I'm a force to be wrecking wit
Bitch I am ultimate Denzel Curry Zuu shit
Killing 'em, killing me
I have no purpose I jus go n murder shit you stupid bitch
Been killing shit, been wit the shits
Murder you cuz I motherfucking feel like it
You can run but you cannot hide
You cannot hide from ya fuckin demise
Look me in my eyes when I knife you deep
Skin you alive blood all over the sheets
Ain't no crying, yuh
Watch as I shoot all your brains to the ground, bitch

Okay yuh yuh
Okay, okay
Yuh, yuh, yuh
Killing shit
Yuh, okay, killing shit, yuh
Okay, killing shit
Yuh, okay, killing shit

Ok like damage
Damage, Damage, okay like damage
Damage, Damage, Damage
I am a villain
Damage, Damage, Damage
Damage, Yuh damage, Damage
Damage Damage Damage
I am a villain, yuh
Killing shit bitch
Killing shit killing shit, Damage
Killing shit yuh
All I do is damage
All I do is damage uh
All I, Damage, Damage
All I do is damage
Okay all I, Damage, Damage
All I do is damage, yuh

(Maybe we can cut a deal)
Jack is dead my friend
You can call me
And as you can see
Im alot happier

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