Pat Junior

Conversations With My Pastor


Verse 1:

I’ve come a long way like a catapult
Cause shootin’ from the hip will give you distance but bad results Came suited for the mission so we lifting like better chores
Heart dog tired
But it’s all four the metaphor (haaaaaa)
I'm braver than Scooby-Doo
A beautiful Rubik’s cube
My Pastor’s conversations got me seeing in color hues
Cause black & white and grey
Ain’t always proper when viewing you
I'm rid of the bitterness
And pivot the reminiscence and pity pits

I thought knew, I thought I knew about myself mayne
Until I saw my ugly shadow for the black stains
Light can show a shadow is a black stain….strange

Verse 2:

I’m like my Jesus baby
When them Peters start acting clueless
I don’t need em baby
Plenty homies to get me through this
Was too focus helping others
While I’m bleeding undercover
And my suffer did a number
Oddly evens out the clutter uh
God redefining me
It feel like the lottery
Not just cause I’m winning but the chances I’m taking on
Open up my heart to newer faces so we shape & bond
Growing back some old ones that was faded
So the tapers gone

Thank you Pastor J for accepting me
Just talking through the issues is a blessing Chief
Working through em daily made a better me
Said, working through them daily made a better me

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