[Intro: Vinnie Paz]
Been hearing you motherfuckers talk for a minute
God, where he at
Jus Allah, where he at
What is big Luis Doggs, motherfuckers is back
Hungrier then ever
Yo, Allah... Take em to war daddy!

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
I got evil in me, I'm not people friendly
I've done one good deed if any
Didn't feel the need to keep the memory
It wouldn't match a heap of broken imagery
So many, I never would reach serenity
Like I give a shit, that's one of my benefits
I'm head sick, I collect death certificates
I can let you in on the specifics
But what fun is that?
You'd be missing small details, the physics
All the little inctricates, every incident to me is intimate
I am the apprentice of the infinite

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Yo, I slaughter and slay you, theres nothing you do that can possibly save you
I got to repay you with shot thats impossibly painfull
My prophecy made you, and can rock you with shots to the facial
And lock you in stables, and can force you to box with an angel
My axe, it'll graze you, it'll chop you from top to your navel
My rhyme is as graceful as a godly novel by jesus
Yeah, Jedi Mind Tricks, brother we back
Y'all dumb motherfuckers should've covered your cap
Yeah, we got the power of a passionate speech
In a dashiki, a motherfuckin' african beach
My rap is released till every fuckin' rapper deceased
Till every piece of all they carcuses is trapped in my teeth
Blat blat

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