[Verse 1]
But i remember that night
She had me calling
Had me texting
Tryna get there that night
I had it in my memory
What you thinking
Where you wanna go
I know you know
Im thinking bout the mutual
The mutual
Im thinking bout the unity
You and Me
Unit We
Maybe we can make a situation happen
Im talking relation status
What you doin
What you putting on
You got the best fit
You've been playing hard to get
I ain't figured out yet

Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do

[Verse 2]
Come to the show
I wanna come on her nose
She wanna take off her clothes
She wanna come for the...

Im rapping off the Hennessy
My ex just started texting me
My friends is now my enemies
They tryna get the best of me

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