Nikolas alarcon

Waste My Time


Why do i waste my time
Pondering our forbidden love
Why do i dare to call you mine
Our relations are all push and shove
But what does my love really define
Hurt, sad, and all of the above
Our thoughts acidic like alkaline
I miss our childish ways of which we grew out of
Maybe someday may our stars realign
For now my crush will masquerade as platonic love

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About "Waste My Time"

. This is a tribute to the undying love for someone everytime i see them i just feel fireworks not butterflies or somersaults but fireworks. I love him but hes not within my age limit and it’s about someone almost no one knows about my crush on him and i like it that way so no one has to ask me how i’m doing without him. It hurts but i look forward to the days i can talk to him.. Sorry but i felt i needed to out myself to my friends about a secret that’s been festering for a while, i’ve loved him for a while now but he doesn’t know.

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