The One (Spoken poetry performance)


Pulling me down, passing me up
Pushing me around 'til I collapse and destruct
Damaged enough, my hands in a cuff
But I still believe that I can be the one
I feel abandoned and stuck but the passion erupts
Rap is my crutch that I happen to love
I believe that I can be the one

[Verse 1]
Cryptic notions of poems
These emotions in codes
Feelings woven in those
My spirit opens unfolds through the lyrics I quote
Spill the ocean let it flow all I want is to support and grow along with the people
That's always a been my purpose
But the response I've been getting, I wonder if it's worth it
I may differ a little, not your definition of perfect
Maybe I'm still underground because I was never about the surface
9 years, still an anonymous beast
My peers say I deserve lot more than this
But still I get only a couple of shares on the songs I release
I beg for acceptance I drop to my knees
I'm hard to stomach because I'm not common for peeps
Messages in my rhymes, food for thought it's a feast
I try to pen like stereotypes but my thoughts intervene
Being myself must be a crime but I just wanna be me

But you keep pulling me down, passing me up
Pushing me around 'til I collapse and destruct
I feel trapped in a rut of anger and hurt
But I still believe that I can be the one
Sit back and observe these adequate words
This radical hunger, the madness, the verve
I believe that I can be the one

[Verse 2]
Under pressure of my hopes and dreams
My soul is breaking it chokes in grief
Praying for support and appreciation for poetry
For a better community that's the only remedy known to me
A savior I'm supposed to be yet
I'm a stranger in my own city
I watched gully boy, spitfire is slaughtering
I'm hoping the same way they'd feel me
Man I hate you but I love you your shit is promising
I keep asking if I'm lacking because man that could've been me
Victim of bad luck, maybe a case of misfortune
I'm a diligent man but it is everyday torture
The struggle is persistent
And it's another struggle just to keep up
I'm sick of waiting for gratitude to come around
Handling and counter balancing the ups and downs
But I'm still standing my fucking ground
Because I see the youth basking in some run arounds
I'll be the face of hip-hop that's my personal vow
Hip-hop is sacred, it's a sanctum but you shut me out
For being different, outstanding and culture bound
If another stereotype is what the public wants shit I'd rather be underground
I'm rapping so you could escape the nights
I'm tryna be that needed ray of light, the strength to fight
Nothing but selfless rhymes to help and guide when I pick up the pen to write
But I've reached the breaking point
So fuck it if I make it or not
Atleast I'ma be satisfied when I die

'Til then you can keep pulling me down, passing me up
Pushing me around, but I won't fall back 'til I destruct
Man it is tough but rap is my drug
And I still believe that I can be the one
No matter how rough the static or fuss
Through agony and struggle I won't panic or budge
I have battlers blood, I'd stand by my love
And I believe that I can be the one
I can be the one

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