Yodael G

NEw PHase


*Negro Jack
101 3hree point 5ive fm Skit*

Ladies and Gentleman
Welcome back to 101 3hree point 5ive
It's been a min since we last linked up
With this young fella

Yes it has, Yes it has

Introducing... The very Very

That's foul, That's horrible
I'm playin wit you Brotha

You gon' do me like that

Nah, This is Yodael G
Ladies and Gentleman
You've been asking for him
And now you got him

What's good what's good
101 Negro Nation
How y'all doing
How y'all doing this morning

Ayy man we been chillin'

So what are you in here for today

Man I'm bout to play y'all a single
Not a single, Imma just play y'all
The album ummm DVLPMNT


Yeah it's called

Interesting what is this
Your first album

Umm Yea let's call it first

So your debut then

Yeah Super Indie with it
But ayy let's see if it pops off

Ayy man you better
Come with that fire here

I will I will I will
Umm we callin this NEw PHase
NEw PHase is the song

New Phase is the song
I like it I like it

NEw PHase is the song name
UH I can't wait for y'all to hear it
UH it's super chill it's mellow
It's actually playing in the background
Right now

It's Premiering right Now
Yessir, Exclusive

OOOH let's get into this then

I wasn’t made to be
Persuading everyone
You either like it or
You do not

I wasn’t trying to please
Some people switched on me
Some did not

Verse 1
The haters hate us cuz they ain’t us
I Just came from Mt.Hiatus

Imma do what I does
And I say that because
I believe they don’t want me to be speaking up

If it ain’t for my benefit
Then y’all niggas irrelevant
Oh no
I said
If it ain’t for my benefit
Then y’all niggas irrelevant

Trynna strip me
From my elevated
State of mind
They say that I’m
The weakest at my strengths
But that’s just stupid I
Don’t pay them time

I stay away from them
Cuz they got problems for solutions

This is the Current illusion
Man there’s a lotta confusion
It’s hard to tell apart the criticism from all the delusion

Bunch Of untalented leeches
Better stay up on them bleachers
Bet I bet that There ain’t nothing u can teach us
We done got some attributes or maybe features
That, relate to modern leaders
Cuz I’m finna change the world with my music

Make all doubters believers
Don’t matter how many speakers
Come at me I’m a retriever
That channels Out with Ma speakers
All of that negative drama turns to my Posi-Procedure
Cuz I jus want me some feedback
Don’t need condemning
Cuz I’m outta yo league

And so they marvel at my new phase
My skin is thick because they made me like this
I call that LUKE CAGE

And those who criticize the most
Do the least
And when u see them pick your flaws on purpose
Know you can press delete

Stay livin' healthy
Remember to love yo self
They talk like this cuz they ain’t got nun good to say bout themselves
I say
Stay livin healthy
Remember to love yo self
They talk like this cuz they ain’t got nun good to say bout themselves

እኔ ለሰው ብዬ
ደፋ ቀና አልልም
ወደዳቹት ወይም

እኔ ግድ አይሰጠኝ
አንድ ቀን ብትወዱኝ
በሚቀጥለውስ ቀን

You’ll never see me be
Changing up
Just cuz u didn’t feel
What I’m about

And if I made u mad
Then u can leave right now
Stop listening
It only gets rough from here

Like for real
Like if it gets uncomfortable
Get out now

Bro Habesha Women are
Soooo fine

OH!!! Habesha Beat Yo A**
... Diaspora

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