Yodael G

Diaspora Album Version


So imma do this for my East African
Brothers and sisters
And for those who aren’t
Imma show y’all what it’s like to be Habesha

So picture this a little African boy
Who moved from Ethiopia to Windy City Illinois
Large heart big forehead a bright kid
Hairline pushed back cuz his mom tried cutting it
...and it didn’t really work mom but like I still love you but don’t ever touch my hair...fr

Large heart big forehead a bright kid
Big 🍑$$ Head he’s mega minded
No I don’t have pets as lions
But really we not that primitive keep on trying

Finally got cable stayed watching Nickelodeon
All the kids at school said “do you speak Ethiopian”
Ooh and Public school was the worst
They'd always ask
"Umm Do you know how to curse"
In my language
I told em nah and I ain’t care that’s when they stopped talking and they just stared
Uh oh
I think they noticed
I think they really do
They started to smell the air and asked "is that you?"
I said yea it was my cologne
I lied it was the food my mom made at home

So now u know how I felt with a bad
They say are you anime
No but I know Caroline

Hands up if you felt like this
If a ferenj would ever try to go sneak diss
Hands up if you felt like this
If ze White man say he is not racist
Hands up if you felt like this
If nechoch had ever got you super pissed, yo
Hands up if you felt like this
If ze White man made u say Ight that’s it

I’m getting heated these niggas they wanna act up so they try to throw shade
How y’all gon' diss my own culture but try to go eat off the food that we made
Y’all niggas lame
Y’all Niggas fake
Growin up I always caught me this fade
Mom would smack me then on the next day
She’d tell my sister Gombesebay
Then she's walk in my room yellin up in my face
Saying something like

I'm Best friends With Ma daddy Belt
Cuz That’s the only thing that I ever need
Ma Parents don’t believe in a time out
So all I got was whoppings On my Qeet
I’m saying I’m a young black boy in the U.S.A
Got up Asked my mom for the freshest J’s
Then she came back with the weirdest things
With the serategna 12’s... and let’s just say
Like how u gon buy Kongo chama mom Fr
I see how it is

Quit it quit it for I get in trouble
I’m the coolest monkey in the jungle
U could try to diss my race but this my race
I rep em for life and I ain’t ever fumble
I mean I’m proud of my kin and the stereotypes
My African country s’never imperialized
We the ones to start the trend
Green yellow and red
And other nations said
Put it on our flag

I mean I have green card screw DACA
Skinny Habeshas run track play soccer
Growin up I was called chemlaka
Fresh oh de boat niggas got that vegeta hair
Can’t stop a
Nigga like me
Who was born light skin
Grew up then I noticed I got melanin
Then again I’m still questioning
When I was born
Does that make me a reversed Michael Jackson

So yea I love my race
And if imma a see another person ask me for de way
Imma just click my tongue and just walk away
Cuz I’m cool with how I am and how my Genes are made

I Hate Some Habesha's
But I love my Race X6

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