Beyond Sound


Baby I'm sippin whilst trippin now im flippin out
So I need you to stay around, relax and replay this sound
Beat smacks we can get lost inside - never found
I'm beyond loud set the ambience to transcendence
I'm beyond sound girl your heart I can mend it
I'm runnin off with the goods livin life as I should
I don’t have diamonds for you girl, but I do have wood
Crazy, mad and misunderstood - but I stay good
Catch me fine dinin got me eatin beetroot in Beirut
New car, lemme race you, there's no finish line I'm findin
Kickin back unwindin, smokin packs to this rhyming
All you have to do is find me
Always around this ain't the last call
Sittin in the capital watching over y'all
Omnipresent I exist everywhere all the time
You feel the essence of the OD presence
But I'm like the big brother you shall never find
So all you have to do is find me and the rest will come
Love how you got me feeling number one
Fall down the slippery slope into my rabbit hole
I made it a habit to ball cos I need to have it all

(Beyond Sound)

A quick tease is all I need, a stick or a couple trees we’ll clear it all
Blastin sound waves to divinity but there’s no stoppin, no limits
No inbetween, no limbo - take your shot it’s a free throw
Take my shot and his limbs blow
Getting too high so I switch my phone to flight mode
You better stay low or learn the fight codes
Livin life on a tight rope, I'm boutta fall so it’s time to go
I'm beyond loud set the ambience to transcendence
I'm beyond sound give me the green and ill send it
Makin moves just to be with you cruising through
Creepin dark streets leavin marks at ya feet
..it’s O-D-P

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