No Favour


Hook (Hipno K)

I don't need
I don't need no favour
Nigga better pay up
Late nights I stay up
The game getting shake up
It's a vibe when I show up
They be wishing that I screw up
I don't trust nobody
I can do with no favour

Verse 1 (Lunatic Friend)

Hipno K

Hipno K with an Angel voice
If the gig don't pay then we got no choice
How we do it for free when we got more noise
Cut a cheque for a verse I dont do no favours
I don't prep don't rehears I got more flavors
Way back then I had no chain
I could've had it all but I had no brain
4 years later I don't sound the same
Only going up, I got more to gain
Turn a rap song to a soul train
Memories kept inside which is more pain
The only thing I pray for is more Faith
I don't need
I don't need favour
I can do it on my own
It's a vibe when I show up
I be praying that I blow
I don't trust nobody
They be wishing that I screw up
Got a voice for a cheque
Nigga better pay up


Bridge (Hipno K)

I don't need no favour
I got my own portion
It's a passion
Focused on the vision
I'm a big thing
They keep up if I go missing
I don't fuck with y'alls vision
They don't got balls for the game
That's why they asking for favours

Verse 2 (Hipno K)

I could do a tour with my catalogue
And get all the people to rap along
Ball on you niggas like cannon bolt
I just do not pick up any call
My songs contain a message
Fuck what you heard , I'm a savage
Niggas ain't popping they average
I just put out new classic that shit massive
Every record insane
Niggas is sounding the same
Dudes pull up only favours
One of the best creators
Put me as your headline artist
Put the boy on I'm a big time artist


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