“Element” Freeverse


Heading home they welcome me like I've never been
Now it's back to the business, no time to settle in
I see double my vision I'm like a set of twins
My ultimatums to double my efforts yet again
Big thinker small window need to slow the tempo
If I'd ever played with keys it'd be on crescendo
If I ever copped a plea it was for the best tho
Just know I was always me even from the get go
The way I set it in stone I figure out the codes
When my adrenaline grows I turn to Al Capone
I started feeling the lows and outta hell I rose
Achieving goals and livin’ I'm paving better roads
I know my Soul's forgiven my sins forgettable
I always chose to fit in I learned to let it go
And my clothes is fitted
Heavy glow no kiddin’
Never known for quitting
Got that coldness in em
I expose the rhythm
Every prose I've written
Every flow I'm hittin’
Take me from broke to riches
Looking back at all the times I've had it up to here
Tolerance of trauma and commas are adding up I swear
Bullying affairs
Trolls timid I've been on road killing, ridding all the foolery and despair
Lord willin’ I don't lose I truly am aware
My demons round offering me jewelry and affairs
Cars notes anything to throw me off course
Ball's in my court but I'm swinging like on golf course
Tripping like I'm rich my feet dipping in the Gulf Coast
May not be the greatest yet you'll see that I'm above most
Equal in our right but competition is a dub tho
I ain't tryna separate us I'm just having fun bro
I'm about the unity and reppin’ where I'm from
My people on a run got your people on the run Mufucka

©️ 2019 Geneus

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About "“Element” Freeverse"

A friend of mine once called me Spider-Man. Not only for my affinity of climbing things but also as a person in the midst of internal conflict. “Element” Freeverse is the motion set forth to elevate that idea; accepting myself from within to take accountability and represent things bigger than me – love, equality, and unity. This is includes repping my stomping grounds, NYC, the concrete jungle from where I reside. In my home lies my comfort zone, and the title of the track is quite fitting.

Instrumental from “Element” by Kendrick Lamar.

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