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HPTS (Saint Sinister/Syn - Diss)



Remember disses are not defined
By beats and if they're a hit of not

[Verse 1: PM]

It’s PM

Welcome to the lyrical poetry
Leaving you quivering cuz you ain't as cold as me
I'm ahead of my time so the future looking old to me
Lyrics in my mind like I really harbor raps
Step up in my shoes leaving prints likes autographs
And I won’t ignore
The friendly fire that was always bound to be
I was proud to be your friend
Till u bounced on me up in the end
So you’re battling an authors cockpit since u talk shit
It’s time to catch another body like a mosh pit
John wick stop it living in the past with the gossip
I ain’t a star but my reach is cosmic
And since you want attention here u got it

[Verse 2: PM]

ABC rhymes with kindergarten lyrics bitch
You must be a joke cuz I find you hilarious
I'm scared of who? You stupid fool
Learn from experience
Dudes sneak diss an you can really get it next
If you talking crazy better keep it in direct
You try to diss but your quality is ass
A bunch of recycled shit that belongs up in the trash
Shit on paper would be better than this garbage, ass
You try to talk some shit but your diss is garbage, trash
Partial garbage artists depart with rat carcasses
Cuz you a rat and belong where the garbage is
You mentioned my name but it wasn't properly
Taking chances like monopoly
Probably thinking it was a game but this is quite real
You a light meal music sleep like NyQuil
Turning like a drive wheel
If the light won't fight then the night will
Shining in the darkness like a knights will
You’re L/URL got you in my sites/sights killed
I’m quite skilled you tryna write a death note?
But your pen broke
Then rose had to boost your ego right?
Think that diss was tight? Like you got it tied?
Put a noose around your neck for better heights

[Verse 3: PM]

1 month to respond with all that shit
You must be constipated
You off your period? Just admit you hesitated
As far as music you will never make it
A great value Lil Peep who try’s to fake it
But he lacking knowledge, black finger nail polish
Tryna hide dirt under his nails
But he got railed took the bait that I ousted
An you right I should take an Advil PM
Cuz your music gives me headaches again and again
You try to make hits but I make death sentences
Listen to my words realize the difference is
My bars are weak? you have room speak?
But they harder then a lead pipe
1 year ago you said my shit was tight
But I guess you’ve been fake
A big snake that still makes a hiss
As far as the diss
The one who said it was creative
Was your girl opinionated
Her opinion full of hatred
Please figure out what her place is
Then replace it and bathe it in some
Holy water slowly alter demons off her
Fathered daughter just to offer proper doctors with no collars

[Verse 4: PM]

Like dam
You seem so mad man
G was her business first
You tried to prove he was the worst
On a verse but second you made it
We can all see your balls deep in hating
Saying I’m monotone clearing need hearing-aid
For years you have been rapping the same
What are you hearing mate?
I tried Mano a mano handing you tips
But your scripts and tone it never changed/change
Domino's pizza you needa tip on delivering it
Cuz your ignorance bliss just with the Mrs/Miss
First word in your head you’re building with
Your bars are so filler reflect up off the mirror
He insults me by saying suck off a dick?
Coming from the guy wearing lipstick
How you flex but your lyrics is weak
You’re oblique
You talk about dicks and gay shit so much
I bet when you bust
You taste when you speak
You said that I rhymed
Motherfucker with motherfucker?
Clearly you can’t see the structure
That’s why you can’t build off foundation
You building off a built pavement
You say you’re a saint but (no uh/noah) he ain’t
Your bars hold no weight
Pray to you? like you a god?
So I’m sending you a bible
You can call it false idol
But I know you turned your back on me
And unlike you God has my back like spinal

[Verse 5: PM]

You tryna step to me, lyrically
Cut your knees watch you bleed
Then you pray to god but isn’t it odd?
Cuz you don’t believe in him
Taking the blade out my back an I’m killing with
So what I used the word kill shot?
Why you still/steel shocked?
You can “get real stomped”
Like bitch please you dissed G
With a em beat and the same flow like you discrete
How can you be on top? When your numbers are still
But then you just flop your mentality’s ill
Like you said you wanted to die
But then tell one to overdose up on a pill
Projecting your own insecurity’s is this for real?
Saying I have low subs
But they grow up unlike you’ve showed us
Get off the YT
Cuz I see your comment rapper type shit
"Subliminal, interval, minimal, civical"
Thinking you you write better with hits
This is a diss
Yours was a novel of an upset little bitch
You say you’re poet but you really don’t show it
No words that I have noticed my lyrics are potent
Your lyrics already been spoken
And since you follow some evil shit
That you’re so feeble with
I’m sending your body-bag down to hell which you came in with
But his days are outnumbered
I guess he bad with his numbers
But the way he be counting me out
I’m too deep for your shallow metaphors
Lacking context why you even say it for?
Not complex at all for what I even waited for.. dam

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