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*Develop Starts Playing*

With all that I say
With all that I’ve wrote
With all that I know
I need to develop

With all that I’ve said
With all that I’ve wrote
With all that I’ve known
I need to develop

Let's do this
Uh yo

Came out the womb and I'm pissing my mama off
Got out of school and I piss everybody off (Yo who is this Kid?)
Including teachers & students and other folks
Who’ve interacted with me (Ma'am Your Son is a Handful)
Or should I say I ticked off
But uh
My sister tells me I’m stupid and I should staaahhhhpppp!!!!!
I hear the opposite only that I should not
I pity my future friends
If they’d have met me now
Cuz if we link then I guarantee
I'm gonna make em pull they hair out
This ain’t about em
This is all bout me
Development's a state of mind
That's just what I might need
My niggas tell me I’m annoying
And I just might be
I tell em get a pic with Chance
Then come talk to me
I said I’m cool with Aminé
Like that nigga my cousin
I Got the beat like THOTIANA
Cuz my drums will get bussin
It isn’t easy being Habesha you know that I’m right
Especially when gossip travels in the speed of light

With everything I know
With everything I do
I turn it to a song
Like when your momma loves the prime minister you

I need to Develop

*Development Starts Playing*

I need to Develop

Let's do this

Verse 1

I say
Protect yo genius
Protect yo life
Protect yo peoples And
Protect yo mind

Protect it from dem people trynna kill
That flame within yo soul
So make sure that your will
Is safe
Locked & compressed
And hidden within yo heart
See I’m the type to go ahead and pick apart
Every single artists
That I see myself in
Those the building blocks
That Imma use
To ma Devlpment

From being Melodic like lauryn hill
Not rappin all of the time
But owning all of my raps
Like Nipsey all on his prime

But I’m being dope in a way
That’s different from other guys
Creative unlike no other
But similar as if I’m
I made the beat tho
Student of the game
So I’m for my people
The chords to the song is an E then C oh
Then we end it all as I play the D note

My presence denotes
An era of some new emcees
Been hearin' a lot ppl
Talking about how hip hop seems
Overly saturated I
Overtly sat and waited
For an opportunity
For my
Overly dedicated self
I’m not rapper I’m a singer who raps
Better than... 80% of all your favorite druggies who rap
So by the time that we done
U gon' see that we mean Biz
They call me Yodz
But most of all they call him Mr.Thibs

Protect your life Protect your life
Might take a couple tries
But we gone get it right
One day God placed an idea in my mind
He said that it would bloom but in its own time
I said
Excuse me sir: can we speed this up
I’m trying to flex — I mean raise some disciples up
He said boy, sit back...ease your mind
If you roll with me learn to enjoy the ride
I tried to rush it
Thinking that I would crush it
Ended up looking like a scrub without a budget
Reluctantly I moved slow
But then I learned to love it
And when something blocked my path
I just learned to rise above it

Good things take time let’s be honest
We still working on getting slavery abolished
It took 28 takes just for this verse to sound polished
It might sound a little funny
But I’m just being honest

*Abby Kebede*
I need to Develop

Rule number 1
You are not your form of art
Your form art can be (a/part) of you however
So don’t let another’s opinion of your Art form affect you
For it is not you
If they don’t know u personally
Don’t take it personally

The normal people can leave now I’m talking to creatives
Whatever u create document it
Celebrate each victory u have with every obstacle
Then u can see your progress
Remember: you gotta suck to be dope

I need to
Development X6

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