Yo B
Let's go Harder than we did on Serpents ight
This should be easy
We Naturals By now
Lets get it

I put all you niggas
Imma Notice
I’m coming for everything I hope youu know this
Blame it on the grind
Running outta time
Money on mind
I put all you Niggas up on Notice
So here’s a fair warning
Don’t u blow it
Blame it on the grind
Running outta time
Money on mind

Verse 1
I’m cruising no Tom
That’s all been on Ma mind
I’ll make it here let’s make it clear
I’ll prove it I’m gon shine
Y’all can’t stop my grind
I Just been doing this like I’m inclined
I know my inspiration is divine
Ya boi heaven sent to reach out to mankind
I was made for this
Ain’t nobody finna take me away from this
You either got new Niggas or you got old friends
You either make new movements or follow trends
You probably met some folks that's Trynna fuel yo flame
Or you met the opposition trynna kill yo name
Had to make some bangers Trynna get some tick
So I cut some friends out really quick

Cuz iron sharpens iron and a lot of my Niggas is made out of plastic
Niggas be thinkin I’m Reed Richards and I’m flexible like I’m elastic
Sike nah
Cuz they ain’t legit
If ain’t the best then I gon’ quit
All of the songs I be making are lit
I’m probably gon stop when I reach legend
Verse 3


Stack yo money Get yo Paper

Verse 2 (Thello B)

I been putting niggas on since ‘02
You ain wit my niggas? I don't know you
I’m the best lil nigga lemme show you
You ain't no big dawg, nigga i’ll ho you
Boy u play crazy, bro'nem will blow you
Like a landscaper nigga we’ll mow you
You is not cut boy this life ain't for u
(nawl this life ain for u)

Lately me n yodi goin brazy
Call him up like “why these niggas hate me?”
Got no money for no goofies tryna play me
I can’t beef wit the broke, boa save it
Conversations cost money so pay it
5 thou’ for 5 min’— 2 is 2k
Promise you ion say this **** loosely
When I listen to Jigga i sip Dussé
This hair natural— ion needa toupee
N my clique got rich niggas only
All we talk about is guap and chipotle
If ya broke u cannot be my homie

This **** feel so unnatural
I’m making capital
Lately everything so rappable
When i speak to u, i’m talking all factuals
Swear to u this **** is actual


Verse 3
I said
Yodz you da greatest
Nah u is B
Nigga I’m the plug no USB
I be posted in the hood where da ballers b
Member Dey ain used to answer na Dey callin
AND im picking up da phone like why u botherin me
And honestly it’s funny how the oddest things in life
Work for the better man of all mankind so I gotta make a mark on society
I’ve transcended ma nigga
Funny how I had sin all up in my genes
I was walkin thru da hood in my denim tingz
Only care bout da lord n my collard greens
N da fam nem.. yanno da basic things

Man I’m goin beast mode dats on everything X2

Y’all Got it twisted like tobe on Sunday’s
I’m not sure you know that I’m God’s son
Just cuz u don’t see the battles I’m fighting
Don’t mean that ya boi do not fight one

Mistaking humility calling me weak
Beefing with humans I’m thinking that’s dumb
I’m not really focused on killing some niggas
But if I had to
It’ll go up


Stack yo money Get yo Paper

Y:- you still wit me Jack
NJ:- Just Go

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