Darius Mullin



[Verse 1: Darius Mullin]
Pencil in my hand as I enter the place
Tearin’ up with a style that they just can’t place
Like soccer in the ninth grade on the first day
I kick it with the new school in some kinda way
Yet still influenced by the boom bap, so lyrical
Bringing in a new brand of rap for this era dude
The fact that I’m even here at all is a miracle
Flow so majestic you can call it imperial
CHH ain’t dead, nah it’s surely alive
You just don’t pay attention (ah!) to see how it thrives (my dude)
So much up-and-comin' you can see on the rise
And we’re not leaving real soon like we got 99 lives
(Let's go!)

[Verse 2: Emerick]
I wish I knew the answers to my questions though
I wish that would learn from all my lessons though
Punching holes in the wall blood on the floor
If you knew that side of me you walking right out the door
I never met my dad I wish I knew him though
It’s difficult to rap this in the studio
I feel the most alone when I’m not alone
Why you gotta call when never home
I look down up on myself so don’t look up to me
How you go talk behind my back then say what’s up to me
I like to dwell up on the past not how it’s meant to be
Depression is a home that I can never leave
You think that you know me but you really don’t
I'm just trying to figure what y’all really on
You talking a lot of noise typing through the phone
I'm turning off my comments guess I’m in the wrong

[Verse 3: JASXN]
This what you want?
This is what they really really wanted and I cannot help but wonder what would happen if I ever went on under
Flow too cold even in the middle of the summer
But he taught me not to flew too hard
I was born in the dark, a product of the trap
Who you know sound white look black?
AyeJae and I'm standin' in the back with a gap
Pointed at the mirror lookin' right back
[?] my talent inflate all my ego
And then again, I am the only [?] hero
Antagonist to my own story, [?] footsteps up to that glory
You could say that I have a hunger for success
Like an S on my chest, you will know who's best

[Verse 4: YUNGPRHPT]
YNGPRHPT I'm comin' in strong
Bringin' the vibes little different
Don't argue with me 'cause you're wrong
I love that they know that I'm gifted
That's so ignorant. The top of the mornin' I go and do business
I murder a beat with my God as my witness
[?] by his flow (huh)
Whoa, the gringos is listening
[?] you got me
Makin' heat all night so I can
Put it up online yeah
We takin' over the year
Bruh I got nothin' to fear
They laugh but then I appear
Just know that we clear
We got the music to hear

[Verse 6 & 7: Fox & Tiger]

[Verse 8: Yung Titan]
Just touched down in my own end zone (ha) that's goals
God is good put me in my mode (my mode my mode) let's go
No time off, homie right back on (yeah yeah) back on
And my fears and guilt can go (nah) you can go (who)
Another level boy I'm elevated know the Devil hate it feel like Ali
Turn my cheek is my biggest weakness but I'm workin' Jesus don't try me
Memphis body and a busybody I'm too bust tryna body everybody
I walk in the party boy forever godly if we did an ollie then let's get it poppin'
Touch down and I got back lit
Pro Tools all in the backpack kid
I ain't even know that my soul that rich
Prayed for a team now we back back in
[?] wifey know what it is
Same heart but she gotta know where I live
That's my goal, inside whiter than the Snapchat ghost
Clapback mode

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