Don’t Wait


I'm tired of giving and not taking
I'm in need of some reciprocation yea
Return my favors
I know when what I deserve is greater
Than what I'm getting
Plus recently I've been getting braver
See, I'm not afraid to get bold
I'm not afraid to lose to friends I mean
Why would I need someone who's ready to leave?
So go ahead set me free
I'm in desperate need of some peace
I met this bad girl (Bad girl)
I mean bad meaning rude
She likes me but she criticizes everything I do
Used to think she was right but then I found my light
Maybe she'll find somebody else to fight
I'll take my time because I'm
Too tight to get sacred of being lonely
I want to be your one and only
But if you don't then I'm gone
That's right I'm so moving on, so long
I guess you're just another rainy love song
I don't see nothing wrong with me being me, being free
I found a better sense of self-security
Looking back on the moments where it finally occurred to me
I was too afraid to see but now I finally turned a leaf
You live and you learn a thing, or two when you discover peace
The only way to put my pain at ease
A little awkward but I found a way to live my truth
From letting go of the situations that stained my youth
Cause it's okay to be good
It's okay to be bad
It's okay to be happy
And it's okay to be sad
I wanna be with you now
But it's okay to be late
It's okay to be okay
And it's okay to be great
But don't wait
Don't wait for me

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