*Pull up on a nigga with a tec
Imma hit him in his neck like [?]*


He don’t want smoke, nah
He don’t want static
Hit that lil boy then he panic


He don’t want smoke
He don’t want static
Hit a pussy boy act so dramatic
Got a new strap and it look like a patek
It shine it the dark my nigga that’s magic
Hit that lil boy and he actually panic
I got a new girl and she don’t act ratchet
I’ll hit a fuckboy with a hatchet
If he leavin holes then you bet imma patch it

*Pull up on a nigga with a strap
Imma hit him in his back like [?]*


That nigga weed cause I know I’ll roll up
I’m taking shots like a nigga throws up
You gon get popped if you ask for a dub
We don’t sell nothing but 50s and up
I’m with the green like the trees in my gut
You smoking dick if you think that you’re up
I’ll pop a nigga for saying good luck
Unless it my momma then I’m showin love
I spit a verse and these niggas say stop it
I’m making them anxious these niggas gon vomit
I took the shit and then I made a profit
But I’ll still keep all of the shits in my wallet
I’m on a pedestal I am not fallin
I do what you can’t do niggas be calling
Feel like wade it’s the way that I’m ballin
Droppin a band cause I wanted to cop it

He don’t want smoke, nah
He don’t want static
Hit that lil boy then he panic


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