Darius Mullin

Interstellar Church 2


I’m lookin’ above and I can’t help but say “oh Lord, how great Thou art”
In Genesis one, the world had begun, and You were there from the start
The heavens declare the glory of God, a sight that is stirring my heart
So many stars, and planets and mars, and You know every part
More than a thousand reasons to sing ‘cause I know the God who made everything
From Orion’s belt, to Saturn’s rings, He’s the incredible cosmic King
If the universe is a story, then He is the star
Greater than the galaxies, oh how great Thou art
Twinkle, Twinkle, the stars are a sprinkle, of praise exalting their Maker
Praise God oh my soul, my life’s a black hole without my loving Creator
Empty and dark, weighty and bleak, but now it is well with my soul
‘Cause Jesus the Son, the incarnate One, was born to fulfill a goal
The God of the spheres, came right on down here, Oh lend me your ears, you simply must hear
It’s only by Him that a galaxy swirls
This is my Father’s world!

It’s only by Him that a galaxy swirls
This is my Father’s world!

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About "Interstellar Church 2"

This song is a sequel to “Interstellar Church,” my favorite (and probably the most successful) song from my first mixtape, My Name’s Not Important, which I released in 2016 and have since taken down.

Interstellar Church 2 Track info

Mixed And Mastered By Azure The Paradox