Sami Daoud

In the dark / who am i


I been missing for a long time, just been stuck
'Cause I been lost in hard times, my soul broke apart
There's no hope in my stone eyes
Tryna make something like I came through the grape vine
Selfish with my money ain't gonna let nobody take mine selling out the pen hopin' I don't face time
Two faced in the shade you can't relate to my blank eyes
I done seen it all, I wish someone could take mine
Eyes closed shut so the demons won't enter my mind
Out of the loop tying my neck with a gold noose
My brain is bullet proof but I still let bullets through
Pull up on me and I'll shoot just like harden to the hoop
I'm a rocket to the moon
Crash landed on this planet to try to see what I'm worth
'Cause since birth I been one with the earth
Tryna get food on the table
No matter the outcome fuck a fake friend I'll get it without 'em
'Cause I been off in time sell dimes to get by
Just getting high forgetting who I am
I have been lost for so long I can't seem to reply
I leave the messages on seen cause I can't seem to reply
Who am I been lost in these heartaches
And hard times still can't seem to get by
Even if I get high I still feel the lows
They can’t pass me by now who am I?

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