[Intro: 3AG Pilot]
Woah, slatt, do-do-do
Let's go
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Woah, spin, hey, spin, spin, spin

[Verse 1: 3AG Pilot]
It'd be a cold day in Hell you catch me outside without my heater (Brr)
I can't treat you like a queen, only one I know Latifah (They don't get it)
I been chasin' after checks like the logo outside of my sneakers
Swear I only want my bread like the crust that's outside of a pizza
So hot, start a house fire at Neiman's
.45, I'ma shoot a shot 'fore you even see me
Had fire, nigga outside lookin' like demons
Headshot on aisle five, nigga need cleanin'

[Verse 2: 645AR]
Glock 19 all black like Woah Vicky
Fifty round drum 'cause I love them titties
SOS, Snot Life hottest in the city
I need the racks, I need them M's just like Diddy
I got a Draco on me right now
If that Draco talk, that bitch say, "Blaow"
These niggas more cap than Bow Wow
If a nigga say it's up then it's finna go down

[Verse 3: JWitDaBeam]
Big-ass .30 if a nigga want smoke (.30)
Know I got a stick when I enter the door (Stick)
Big-ass .40 gon' make him do the woah (Uh)
Got my niggas trappin' out the corner store (Trap)
VVS diamonds, I got 'em insured (I did)
I'm trappin' the block just like Big Worm (Trap)
I'm breakin' her back, that ho too firm
I walk into Wal-Mart, I got a return
I been in the trap, you still gotta learn
I don't want that ho, that bitch too burnt

[Verse 4: 3AG Pilot]
Can't buy her a ring, she'll feel too important
My nigga was trappin' and rappin', extortin'
My pockets is fat as the bitch, they is Norbit
I'ma pop at your top 'til it enter the orbit

[Verse 5: 645AR]
If it don't make paper, it don't make sense (Yeah)
Young nigga with cake since back then
Bless the streets like amens
I'm really street, don't pretend

[Verse 6: JWitDaBeam]
Can't punch a clock, I love the block (Block)
Talk down the gang how you get shot (Shot)
Got too many guns, yeah, I got a lot (Lot)
I stay in the trap, this shit don't stop (Trap)

[Outro: JWitDaBeam]
Fuck nigga
We at every function sticked up, nigga
Yeah, .30s out

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