Iye iyeeeeee woooh
Ehhhhhh eh ehhhhhhhhh woooh
Ey,(it's Kidzee yeah)

I'm trapped inside my misery
With all my enemies [x8]

I'm trapped inside my misery
With all my enemies
Lord will you help me please
While I seek for love and peace
Real ones
Look out for me
For the Ganastrapy
I woke up like this

All this pain don't wanna leave
All the dreams
The pain inside of me
I ride and lean
I'd wish I was Ten, when i got
No prob, no worries
But i grew up
I go parties
While they threw up
And leave markings
I'd be acting fine
But it's rough here

But i grew up
And i hook up
I told myself ngiyakhula
Bonk' ub'nzim buyadlul
Just tell yourself kuzolunga
But I'm trapped inside my misery
With all my enemies
I'll never stop goin in
Cause I'll become a king

I'm gonna make it rain
I'll be mr Rainman
All those hating on me
Will be my fans
I feel like
I'm in a cell
Full of skanks
And I gotta be a saint

Trapped inside my misery
M I gonna die
I disagree
I'm gonna live
For eternity
F*ck all this sh*t
I rule the streets
Bang' biz inking
Sometimes iKing

I'll be running round
The city
With my flows on
Other niggas wanna fight me
While they scream on
I just tell 'em(aibo)
Manin (wooh)
I just gotta set my flow
One to four

I'm trapped inside my misery
With all my enemies [x8]

Yeah I'm trapped inside my misery
I said I'm trapped inside my misery [x4]

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