Nia Ilyssa

The Ruins


Take my hand
And let our spirits guide this journey as we learn to understand
The reasons for all our remarkable chaos. I've never felt so tall
With a view so bright. You showed me the beauty in standing up to fight
Now through the ruins as my guide. Shadows of the end give me visions of light

Every breath you took painted a heart repairing picture
Memories will be our guide in the halls of life's adventure

Turning pages, writing again, seeing what's in front of me
I'll admit I gave up on the best part, ran away, crushed a few hearts
Couldn't tell you where I was going
I've got lessons learned and an old soul, baby that's the best part
I'll rip my heart out, smear the blood on the walls, then burn it in a fire

Again, and again, and again and again
And again, and again, and again, and again and again
And again, And again, And again

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About "The Ruins"

The Ruin was a nickname for one of Nia Ilyssa’s best friends who passed away in 2014. She originally wrote and performed this song for his memorial. Nia decided to extend the song and add it to this project because she carries his memory everywhere with her. He was fearless and alway choose to lead his life with love. It’s a bit morbid when most of your role models are dead, but they don’t ever have to stop being an inspiration. Nia’s angels are always guiding her.

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