Sir Ramen

Then, Now


(Hmm, hmm)
Shout out xylophone for the beat

I'm fucking chilling out, smoking weed, knowing that it's bad for me
'Cause it's the only thing that makes my mind just shut the fuck up
Always fucking tired, man, I'm running on low battery
I'm never fucking happy, pull the trigger on the shotgun
But I can't do that shit, I'm too much of a pussy
I should get some fucking help so I can get out of this
Fuzzy, fucking place inside my mind, shit "Seth you're fucking blinded
Think of all of the happy shit, go and see a therapist"
I tried like fucking six of them, they were not fucking listening
They changed the subject when I talked about my fuckin' depression
My sanity is crippling, my tears are fucking sprinkling
I need some time to think, but my time is fucking limited
Huh, I need some time to think
But my time is fuckin' limited, yeah
Uh, I said my time is fucking limited, getting better at writing these songs
I'm fucking killing it, starting to not give a shit
I'm starting to be happy again, holy shit I'm fucking laughing again
Fuck depression, it's a bitch
I swear to anyone that is listening to this
If you're depressed, suicide is not the answer my friend
Because I swear it will get better if you wait long enough
Find some shit to make you happy, and just don't give a fuck, over


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Mixed And Mastered By Sir Ramen