Moses Sumney

​and so I come to isolation

in græ


[Interlude: Taiye Selasi]
And so I come to isolation
Etymologically, isolation comes from "insula," which means island
I-so-la-tion, isolation, which literally means to be islanded
And somebody mentioned this to me the other day
Actually my Cape Verdean hairdresser
Because I asked her, "How do you say this word in Portuguese?"
And she said, "Isolada," like an island
Like you're-you're, you're islanded
And I thought, that's exactly what I've been my whole life
I've been islanded

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​and so I come to isolation Track info

Publisher Sumney Publishing
Vocals arrangements by Moses Sumney
Mastered at Sterling Sound Studio
Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta
Mix Assistant Engineer Tom Archer
Mixed At Strongroom Studios
Mixing Engineer Ben Baptie
Label Jagjaguwar
Synths Oneohtrix Point Never
Strings Keith Tutt II
Bass Thundercat
Harp Brandee Younger
Engineer Moses Sumney
Additional Production Oneohtrix Point Never