Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom


This track deals with the stress and anger brought about by poverty and the struggles of raising a little girl under those conditions.

Em’s sources of depression were revealed in Rolling Stone’s 1999 article on him:

It didn’t help that days before his daughter’s first birthday, Eminem got fired from his cooking job at Gilbert’s Lodge. “That was the worst time ever, dog,” he says. “It was, like, five days before Christmas, which is Hailie’s birthday. I had, like, $40 to get her something. I wrote ‘Rock Bottom’ right after that.”

Thus, “Rock Bottom” was written during a depressed point in Eminem’s life, around December 20, 1996. Furthermore, we find out from the book Eminem: The Stories Behind Every Song by David Stubbs that Eminem actually overdosed on pills while recording this song in Autumn of 1997.

This is one of only two tracks on The Slim Shady LP—the other being “If I Had"—that is not from his Slim Shady persona perspective, but rather from Marshall Mathers himself.