In girls houses puffin foilies, bby im back 2 the old me
And i got enough 2 die slowly, hit u first leave u smokin
Im chokin then i leave em broken, hit my dm like ego u hopeless
Bby no i jus need that potent, put a hydro wit my drank potion
Jus goin thru all the motions, can't finish shit i leave it open
Gotta get higher no emotions, drugs the only thing im devoted
Ignorin all the bad omens, let my heart jus keep slowin

Ain got no more money, gotta go get up 2 sumn
U ain rly wit none the fukshit, u ain even do nun at the function
Keep talkin u get busted, bitch wanna bust jus lustin
They said i did enough nevr 2 much it, fuckd the world bby punctured it
I live on no food no sleep oxycotin all i eat
Bitch live what u reap, these mistakes i repeat
Is a mess i love it please, these drugs all i really need
Leave u wit new holes tht leak, imma beat my killstreak
Can't hold me back can't keep track, i’m sorry i always relapse
Not really sorry still sell smack, still homeless hidin in the back
Miss my friends enough dead, can't hold it all in my head
Can't hold it all nothin left, dirty pills 2 repress
My feelins need sum rest, need away out my flesh
Ain slept more then an hour, been years of sellin powder
Off tht dope takin 2 showers, sick so sick im sour
I ain buyin no girls flowers, she came 20 times in a hour

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