The title track was released in 1995 as the second single from Resurrection. The No I.D. track was slightly remixed as “Resurrection ‘95” for the music video but still contains the main samples from Ahmad Jamal’s “Dolphin Dance” and Smooth B’s vocal sample from “No Delayin'.” The ultimate example of Common’s early, punchline- and pun-filled style, predating his self-serious later years.

Common talked about how the sample in the hook was chosen:

Once we had the song, we didn’t know what the hook was going to be. Originally, I wanted a scratch from ‘The World is Yours’ because after I wrote the rhyme Illmatic had come out and Nas said, ‘My son, the star, will be my resurrection.’ We wanted to scratch that, but it didn’t come off as well [as we thought it would].

Either DJ Mista Sinister or No I.D. suggested ‘Nice & Smooth is your resurrection’ and that was so right because the way he was saying ‘resurrection.’ Then, Mr. Sinister could create a rhythm with scratching that we got him eventually after I laid the rhymes to do that ‘resurrection’ scratch.