I was gonna be
All alone again
But you came and then
I was not so all alone

And I was gonna dwell
In my pain again
But you came my friend;
You came to help me out

The simplest of equations
I don’t take for granted
But you’ve either made the space
Or you haven’t
And I was gonna hear
All those old thoughts again
From that little friend
Who only ever does me wrong

And maybe all that fear
Could have brought something
That I couldn’t win against
But then you came along

But you were never gonna be
All alone again
For you called to me
Just as I have called for you

And I could only love a man
Who could love himself this way
And to himself gave
My love as only I could give

Now I’m never gonna be
(Now you’re never gonna be)
All alone again
(all alone again)
Even if I’m on my own again
(even if you’re on your own again)
It’s built me up somehow
(it’s built you up somehow)
A little compromise
Never hurt no one
And the sweetest of goodbyes
Is a shirtless one

Keeps ‘em coming back again

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About "1+1"

The third single off Ryan Downey’s debut full-length album, Running, ‘1+1’ features guest vocalist Zoe Randell of Luluc. Released in April 2018 via Barely Dressed Records.

1+1 Track info

Vocals Ryan Downey
Performer Ryan Downey
Drums Jason Bemis Lawrence
Mastering Engineer Joe Lambert
Recording Engineer Ryan Downey
Mixing Engineer Steven Hassett