On the title track from The Roots' latest album, the group tries something different: lead rapper Black Thought raps and SINGS. The experiment goes well and results in a soulful song that is the literal and thematic centerpiece for the album

“How I Got Over”, taken from an old soul song, is about “getting over” hard times and moving on. In an interview, drummer and bandleader ?uestlove says that the group tries to pick album titles that reflect “the state of the world, the state of hip-hop and maybe the state of The Roots”

With that frame of reference, the world is trying to get over tough times, notably with a change in presidency from the hated-by-rappers George Bush Jr. to loved by rappers (too much?) Barack Obama

Hip-hop is trying to get over a dearth in quality with releases like this one!

The Roots are trying to get over a long career of toiling in the rap game with a steady job on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and perhaps a commercially and critically successful album?

In this song, youngsters are trying to get over a disadvantaged upbringing. But how…?