Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two Of Us


Perhaps the most controversial track from Eminem’s debut, the song is titled “97' Bonnie & Clyde” on The Slim Shady LP (yes, with the apostrophe after “97”). It was called “Just the Two of Us” on The Slim Shady EP.

“Kim” (where Em sets the scene by depicting the murders of Kim, her “new husband” and his “stepson”) became the prequel to this song, as “Kim” was written a year later (1998). But unlike “Kim”, where Em angrily screams the lyrics, he doesn’t even raise his voice here. Instead, he speaks calmly, frequently using baby talk (“hypocorisms”), as the entire song is presented as a dialogue between him and his infant daughter as they embark on a late-night escapade involving the disposal of Kim’s body.

The song is called “97' Bonnie & Clyde” as an homage to 2Pac’s “‘96 Bonnie and Clyde”. Em created his version in 1997 and it was released on The Slim Shady EP that year as well. When the The Slim Shady LP came out in 1999, the scene from this song where Em and Hailie are at a dock with Kim’s body in a car trunk is used for the album cover.

On the Slim Shady EP version, which had a more basic instrumental, the skit at the beginning of the album version’s track (not the one shown on this page, the sounds of Em dragging Kim out of the car and into the water) was actually a separate track listed before the song, entitled Mommy.