Crackers ’N Cheese

Crackers ’N Cheese

Soul Intent

Track one on the “Intent Side” of Still in the Bassmint.

When it was originally ripped to the internet by a collector, it was titled as “Crackers & Cheese” and was therefore thought to be so. It was later confirmed to be the “One-Handed Juggler” on Still in the Bassmint by a collector in possession of the tape.

There are lines about both crackers and cheese and a “one-handed juggler” in the song.

From The Way I Am:

Mark Bass heard our song called “Crackers and Cheese” on the radio and he liked it. He and his brother Jeff had a studio, F.B.T., the Funky Bass Team. He called up Lisa Lisa [the radio DJ] and asked, “Who is that?” We talked to him on the air, and then we ended up going to his studio, and we made a three-song demo.

Black Sabbath’s “Hand of Doom” is sampled in the beat.