“What They Do” was released as the third single from Illadelph Halflife. This song is about how the industry has evolved into a complete scheme where rappers are only in it for capitalistic pursuits and not a love for the art.

Raphael Saadiq spoke about his involvement in the track:

I’m a huge A Tribe Called Quest fan…in fact, I’m a Tribe member. I was the only R&B cat that played on Midnight Marauders (Saadiq played bass on the track ‘Midnight’). And Questlove was a Tribe fan as well. So when I hooked up with The Roots to make ‘What They Do’ I felt like the bassline had to be something solid in the same way. Questlove is one of the best drummers in the world, period. From being around so much hip-hop, I knew exactly what to do on that track. That’s why I came up with the lyrics ‘Never do what they do.’ My thought process was to just do something different that would be a timeless song for a timeless group like The Roots.

Below is the official subtitled music video, often considered one of the most important videos in rap history. This video caused a riff between The Roots and The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. Biggie thought The Roots were dissing him, due to the fact that this video somewhat resembled his own “One More Chance” video. Biggie told The Source magazine that he didn’t understand why they were dissing him, being that he’d shown them so much love and support. The Roots were one his favorite groups. ?uestlove wrote an apology with all intentions of sending it to The Source. Unfortunately, it was too late—Biggie died before he could read it.