What’s Your Fantasy

What’s Your Fantasy

Ludacris (Ft. Shawnna)

Luda’s first classic Rap song (second was “Southern Hospitality” on the same project), which became a hit and a banger.
With a raucous delivery, and unrestrained flow, he introduced one facet of his later signature style: playful takes on sex stereotypes.

Though the 00’s decade was full of profane Rap songs, surprisingly this song only had 2 mildly offensive curse words. Yet, they still fit the context of the song, and aren’t out of place. Southern Rap in particular, was generally noted for having the most lewd material in this concept – making him an exception to the rule.

This track displays his more, underappreciated conceptual side as a lyricist. Most emcees did Sex Rap content, with no actual theme and tasteless crass. Whereas Luda decided to add some realism and descriptive elements for his version, nailing the idea perfectly.

Topically, men and woman in relationships generally lie to themselves, when not admitting to having imaginative sexual fantasies. Bridges uniquely touches upon every single location, a couple would have their dream sex of a lifetime.

  • The first verse has public places, the second involves more private areas and last sensibly, covers role-playing in the designated locations.